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Welcome to the adventure! Browse our books, our books-in-progress, and upcoming books. You can join in the adventures and support the authors by pre-ordering an in-progress book, receive updates, and the final book. This is a fantastic opportunity to ride along with some very exciting journeys. Ted Simon’s Jupiters Travels in Camera in EPUB for the iPad is our first offering, followed by Lisa Thomas’ Dirty Dining, a lush, full color book that will be available in ebook format and print. For updates about books, authors, and their stories, please sign up for our email newsletter and we’ll let you know what’s happening!

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Jupiter's Travels in Camera by Ted Simon For four years during the 1970s Ted Simon rode a motorcycle around the world. He described his adventures for The Sunday Times and then, after his return, in Jupiter's Travels, a classic of travel writing. Only a handful of his several thousand color photographs were included in Jupiter's Travels. These photos, restored and enhanced, are included in this book, now available for the iPad. PREORDERS

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American Borders, Carla King A comedy of breakdowns in small towns all around the USA as a journalist and mechanic test rides a 1994 Russian Ural sidecar motorcycle for the American market. The prequel to the upcoming China Road Motorcycle Diaries.

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Dirty Dining Lisa Thomas 2RideTheWorld
Dirty Dining is as essential to your next adventure as a compass and a sense of humor. Author Lisa Thomas has been traveling, with husband Simon, continuously for 14 years. This book includes stories, recipes, advice on food prep, camp kitchens, health, and safety, along with lush photography illustrating the recipes and the locations. PREORDERS

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China Road Carla King A woman's solo journey across China on a cranky Chinese sidecar motorcycle, a cousin of the Russian Ural. The sequel to American Borders.

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Adventure Trio 15 stories book Sandy Terry Jack Borden

Here are 15 tales from 15 countries from a family of 3 on 2 bikes, who sold their house in the suburbs and headed south.
Follow their travels through Mexico, Central and South America. Don't do the math, just laugh!
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Motorcycling For Women - BeginnerBikes - Carla King New to motorcycling? This book will help you figure out which bike you should buy - standard, cruiser, sport, electric, or scooter. You always remember your first!

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