Triumph Motorcycle Restoration: Pre-Unit

Triumph Motorcycle Restoration: Pre-Unit

by Garry Chitwood

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Among the classic English motorcycles, the Triumph Twin stands at the top. Many enthusiasts consider the Triumphs to be the fastest, the best looking, and the most popular then and now. Triumph Motorcycle Restoration: Pre-Unit, takes a thorough look at what is required to restore a Triumph 650cc Twin built before 1963. The book includes two-start to finish restorations, one done on a 1959 and the other a 1962, with additional information on the restoration of a 1948 Triumph.

Hands-on sequences make up the heart of this book. Abundant color photographs show the complete assembly of both bikes, from installation of the swing arm and chassis parts to the attachment of the fenders and gas tank. Author and experienced Triumph mechanic Garry Chitwood explains the right and wrong way to assemble these bikes, and the little things that separate an amateur restoration from a proper and award-winning Triumph restoration.

More than just a motorcycle assembly manual, Triumph Motorcycle Restoration: Pre-Unit includes the overhaul and assembly of a 650cc twin engine and the four-speed transmission. Both operations are explained in detail complete with photos and torque specifications.

Rather than try to explain the minute differences that separate different models and years, this book offers a series of color plates in the middle of the book that provide left and right side view of most of the significant models sold in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Triumph Motorcycle Restoration: Pre-Unit offers the Triumph motorcycle enthusiast 144 pages and over 450 photos explaining how to buy, build, and restore a Triumph 650cc twin manufactured before 1963.